The Firm assists its clients regarding the auditing, negotiating and drafting all contracts of a civil and commercial nature. The firm has developed a strong expertise in relation to the negotiation of contracts with international operators.

Marc has developed a deep practice with regards to common law systems, and works in both French and English.

The Firm assists its clients with regards to their implementing and/or development in France and abroad.

The Firm also advises its clients for the resolution of all cross-border disputes (before state and arbitral tribunals).

The firm organizes and secures its clients’ commercial transactions, with that always taking into account all the complexities of cross-border situations: influence of international practices and standards, influence of international bodies and institutions, national and international tax considerations, company and contractual structuring, as well as specific international judicial strategies in case of disputes.

The firm intervenes both at the litigation and non-litigation levels, and assists its clients for:

  • the negotiation and drafting of jurisdiction or arbitration agreements, and such in consideration of the specific needs of each client and each situation, taking into account the different local environments, costs, and specific judicial strategies;
  • Choice of governing law and analysis of the issues and risks related to the choice of a specific legal system and/or the potential intervention of any given tribunal or court;
  • Proceedings relating to the recognition and the enforcement of foreign decisions or arbitral awards (exequatur).
  • All matters relating to the free movement of persons and their freedom of establishment, as well as the free movement of goods and capital and freedom to provide services;
  • Any questions relating to the use and protection of personal data, including, but not limited to, the implementation and compliance issues of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”);
  • Competition and distribution law.

Marc has in addition taught private international law as an assistant teacher in his former university of Nanterre.

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