The Firm ensures the auditing, negotiating and drafting of commercial agreements in various matters, in relation to or such as:

  • The conducting of commercial negotiations (NDA, MOU, letters of intent etc.);
  • Franchise, Multi-Unit Franchise or Master Franchise Agreements,
  • Trademark and/or Know-How License Agreements;
  • Distribution, Supply, and Manufacturing Agreements.
  • Disclosure Documents;
  • Commercial Agency Agreements;
  • Trademark License Agreements;
  • Partnership Agreements;
  • Subcontractor Agreements;
  • Distribution Agreements;
  • Manufacturing Agreements; …

The Firm has developed a thorough practice in the areas of licensing, franchising law and distribution law, Marc Berberian having participated in the deployment of several franchise, multi-unit franchise and master franchise systems, as well as various distribution networks in France and around the world.

The Firm drafts and negotiates all legal and contractual documentation necessary to organize negotiations with commercial partners and following such to set up franchise or distribution networks.

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