The firm establishes its fees in a transparent manner with its clients, depending on the nature and difficulty of the case and the time spent. In accordance with the ethical rules of the profession, all fees will be subject to an estimate, and subject to the prior agreement of the client.

The question of fees is discussed as of our first meeting. The mode cost-effective formula shall be systematically recommended by the firm.

A fee agreement will be established between the firm and the client in order to materialize the service offered by the firm and its method of remuneration, the form of which may be:

  • Fees calculated on a time spent basis:

The fees will depend on the time spent. When this remuneration formula is adopted, the firm indicates to its client the estimated number of hours needed to process its case, and keeps at its disposal a count of the time devoted to its case.

  • Fixed fee:

In this case, a fixed amount is paid for all the agreed services. This fee setting system is particularly suited to cases where the law firm is able to estimate in advance the time needed to process the file.

  • Contingency fees:

Such fee is calculated on a result, that is to say on the gain, the economy or the benefit provided to the client. It is a supplement of remuneration which is added to the fee calculated on a time spent basis or a fixed fee but which can not be the only mode of remuneration. A contingency fee is due only in the case where the client and the lawyer have previously agreed to it by a written agreement.

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