Private International Law

Private international law deals with all issues which may encounter individuals and companies in an international context.

This subject interests three main legal issues:

  • The choice of governing law and conflicts of laws issues which may arise;
  • Jurisdiction issues; and
  • the recognition and enforcement of judgments, arbitral awards and other decisions and acts.

French and European private international law today mainly derives from European and international texts.

The firm intervenes both at the litigation and non-litigation levels, and assists its clients for:

  • the negotiation and drafting of jurisdiction or arbitration agreements, and such in consideration of the specific needs of each client and each situation, taking into account the different local environments, costs, and specific judicial strategies;
  • Choice of governing law and analysis of the issues and risks related to the choice of a specific legal system and/or the potential intervention of any given tribunal or court;
  • Proceedings relating to the recognition and the enforcement of foreign decisions or arbitral awards (exequatur).

Marc has in addition taught private international law as an assistant teacher in his former university of Nanterre.

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